vrijdag 14 juni 2019

OOST – For The Ravers w/ Phase Fatale, Long Bram and DJ Leoni

23:59-06:00 uur



Craving the harder, the faster, the manic? This one’s for you, for the ravers. On nights like this we take the opportunity to throw you into the void with DJs who are bound to go full force. They won’t hold back. Neither should you.

Flailing limbs, shattered minds; Phase Fatale’s swirling sonic vortex can swallow a room whole. Flag-bearer for both the third wave of EBM and groundbreaking Industrial Techno, his magnetic pull on minds and bodies is one of fused genres and bold ideas. Spacetime’s about to be warped, distorted, morphed into a punishing loop. Sounds lovely right? Kom OOST.

▸ Phase Fatale
▸ Long Bram
▸ DJ Leoni

Only doorsale
8,- euros

OOST is an LGBTQ+ friendly club. We provide a safe space for everyone.

Het Feestje

Datum: 14 juni 2019
Begintijd: 23:59 uur
Eindtijd: 06:00 uur

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