vrijdag 12 oktober 2018

OOST • Kiosk w/ Kornél Kovács, Christian Thomas & Will Jr.

23:30-06:00 uur
Oosterstraat 13a , Groningen



Kiosk is a local gang of DJs with a passion for House. They believe strongly in groove and atmosphere, pulling you out of the daily and into the night. Excellent for those who need to be relieved from working hours or an information overdose.

With Kornél Kovács our Kiosk adds to its inventory the segment of energetic, cheerful House. The man from Sweden knows it inside out, and knows how to play it well. He’s is a master of suspense and discharge. You haven’t experienced peak-time euphoria until you experienced a night on the floor with Kornél Kovács. Kom OOST.

▸ Kornél Kovács
▸ Christian Thomas
▸ Will Jr.

Only doorsale
7,- euros.

Het Feestje

Datum: 12 oktober 2018
Begintijd: 23:30 uur
Eindtijd: 06:00 uur

De Locatie

Naam: Oost
Adres: Oosterstraat 13a
Postcode: 9711 NN
Plaats: Groningen


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